Retail Merchants

MSH Merchant Service's independence gives C-Petro merchants a huge advantage!

For over 10 years, we have found diversifying our merchant retail portfolio through our preferred registered Merchant Service Providers (MSPs) as an Independent Sales Organization (ISO). 

Our relationships allow MSH to offer substantial savings...passed directly to our merchants! 


C-Petro Solutions:  for Ruby, Passport, G-Site, Topaz, Nucleus, Wayne Plus, CFN III, SC II, and more!

As a C-Store Petroleum business, you are looking for:   

Reliable POS Integration • The Best Possible Rates • Fast Transactions Easy-to-Read Statements Same Day Funding

Our dedicated sales team will provide you with a free consultation. We can even help you with equipment leasing for major upgrades to your station through our special Petro-Lease program. 

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